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We extend a lending hand where we can. That's what farmers do. From renting our equipment to having jobs done for you.
Custom Haying

We offer custom cutting, raking and baling services near Markstay and  St-Charles area. Contact us for pricing - we also buy hay and pay for standing hay.

Chicken Accessories Rental

Chicken Plucker Rentals

Delivery to Sudbury or Hanmer.

Cone available for $5/day

Chicken Crate Rental $3.50/day per crate.

Welding Jobs - Coming Soon

Professional Welder for hire - coming soon

  • Maintenance

  • Repairs

  • Farm Equipment 

Text 705-920-1742 for a quote or design

Custom Hauling - Cattle Trailer

If you find yourself in need of custom hauling (ex: to the butchers) we are always available to lend a hand loading, trailer and drop off.
This trailer fits:
20 head of cattle (depending on size)
60 Sheep
20 pigs depending on size.

Text 519-292-6063 or 705-920-1742 for a quote

Flatbed Hauling 

Flat Bed Hauling Available.
30 ft trailer - long distances

  • Bulk Feed Pickup downsouth

  • Tractor Hauling (within reason)

  • Large item deliveries

  • Equipment pick ups

Text 519-929-6063 or
705-920-1742 for a quote

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