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Transparency is key, here is a glimpse into our journey.

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You're Hired!

18 month old opening and closing farm gates

Docile Cows

Can you trust your cattle?

Farm Family

Meet your farmers, Know your farmers

New Farm - 2023
Northern Ontario Cows - Knee deep in snow

Bale Grazing Cows in otherwise knee deep snow.

Farm Family Feeding Cows

White Hat, Boss Lady, Mama... Instructing where to place the bale

Farm Family Fun - Babies and cows

My favorite and biggest cow in our commercial herd. All of our cows are extremally docile. Saddle up a cow ?

My Farm Family

Fun Farm Family, Ratter Creek Ranch. Raising happy, healthy children and livestock.

Pure Love

A Man, His Daughter and His Trusty Horse

Cattle Ranch Family

The love for our livestock goes beyond words! Always going above and beyond for them.

Everyone looks out for her

Newest Heifer Calf on the farm - Farmers Daughter Isla Grace getting a warm welcome by our cows.

Pasture Rotation - Winter

Everyday- Summer or Winter we move pastures. Winter we graze on a new section daily. Very beneficial practices.

Such a proud guy

Look at the confidence radiating from this guy. He knows he's beautiful.

All you need is LOVE

Happy Cows make for Happy Farmers. We grow our cows with extra love and affection.

Wedding Day at RCR

Wedding Bells - we most certainly needed to check on our girls after the ceremony. Officially Mr. & Mrs. Image captured by Kay Kiss Photography.

Freshly cut hay fields

Mark does much more then graze his cattle, he does custom field work.

Strip Grazing

RCR strip grazing is a great management tool. They receive new grass twice daily.

Red Galloway Cow

Beautiful Red Galloway, she is a quite the cow. As you can see she is usually ''The Boss''. Image captured by Kay Kiss Photography.


Proud Owners. The day we signed the papers and officially owned bare land. This bare land then turned into the biggest project of our lives. 2018 we built a house and early 2019 we bought cows.

Grass Puppies

Just showing off our beautiful Grass Puppies. Such wonderful girls, its a pleasure to work with them on a daily basis.

Lawn Mowers

Our lawn mowers are hard at work on our front pasture before the chickens arrive.


You're such a chicken! A Grass-Fed, Pasture Raised, GMO-Free, Happy Go Lucky Chicken. Our chicken is raised outside where they can do chicken things.


This young fellow is just darn cute.

Sleepy Pigs

Six sleepy piggies resting in their deep bedding (wood chips from the farm)

Belted Galloway Calves

These boys are my favorite to gaze at. Belted Galloways are out of this world beautiful.

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