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Whole or Half Hog

Whole or Half Hog

Whole or Half Pork 

*Butcher date of September 2023*

We happly provide our pigs with a forested area to roam free. They are moved weekly to a new section. Our pigs typically finish at 200-250 lbs on the rail.
This is not your typical grocery store pork, it is filled with natural flavours. Customers rave about our pork, give it a try.

We raise Quality, not Quantity. Limited quanitity available.


We require a $250 deposit to reserve a whole and half pork. The final payment is based of the weight on the rail. Cut and Wrap as well as smoking, sausages ect must be paid by the customer. We offer a half or a whole option only at the $4.65/lb price point.

All monetary exchanges receive a reicept. Once deposit is paid we will email a cut sheet.

E-transfers are made to


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